Oncology Esthetics Training




The esthetician can have a significant role for their clients coping with cancer and the ongoing treatments effecting their body. Learn how cancer affects the skin as well the whole body. Understand the emotional wellbeing and how you can be part of their support system. You will learn ingredients and product choices to help your clients heal. Our goal is to teach the essential skills to execute customized spa treatments for their specific skin’s condition as well as the optimal skincare regimen to nourish and soothe their skin.

  • Learn about oncology to better understand cancer
  • Understand cancer treatments and their effects
  • Identify side effects to create personalized safe treatments
  • Awareness of how a cancer diagnosis affects both physical and emotional health
  • Compare ingredients in skincare products
  • Explore how you can be helpful in being a support role for the skin during cancer
  • Consultation forms appropriate to best support you and the client
  • How to market yourself in the oncology community
  • Includes a training manual
  • USB drive with digital course materials and forms
  • Certificate of Completion

*A light breakfast and lunch is included.

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Available Course Dates

April 8th-April 9th, December 11th-12th, June 3rd-June 4th