The most demanded procedure in our industry! It has taken the beauty world by storm and many permanent makeup artists and new aspiring artists are wanting to provide this service. Microblading uses delicate needles in the shape of a blade by hand to deposit pigment into the skin creating fine, crisp hair strokes.

  • Models are provided for you
  • 2 to 1 student trainer ratio
  • Various needle groups and how to select the correct one for the correct skin type
  • Microblading starter kit:
    • 2 Microblade Hand Tools
    • Headlamp
    • Xacto knife
    • 2 Practice Sheets
    • Bottle of Face Inks Pigment
    • Automatic Pencil
    • Tracing Paper
    • Golden Ratio Ruler
    • Eyebrow Patterns
  • Microblading Certification upon completion of the course

Skin Perfect University offers a 2-day, hands-on Microblading class that will teach you how to create the crisp, natural hair strokes using the hand method for the ideal candidates for this procedure and the least ideal candidates for this procedure.

*A light breakfast and lunch is included.
*Payment plans are available. Please email info@skinperfectuniversity.com to speak with one of our course coordinators.

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Available Course Dates

April 7th – 8th, February 21st – 22nd, January 29th – 30th, March 5th-6th