Master Esthetics Training




Combines theory, demonstration, supervised hands-on treatment, practice, coaching and learning modules to help you become a confident and well-rounded master esthetician. Learn the latest in treatment techniques and most advanced protocols offered in the industry. We will teach you the clinical consultation, medical skin analysis, and assessment, cosmeceutical product knowledge, advanced mechanical modalities, charting, sterile techniques, advanced skin peels and ingredients, pre– and post–surgical skincare, camouflage makeup. Recognizing skin conditions and developing treatment plans that meet the needs of the growing esthetics industry.

  • Learn specialized skin analysis and customized consultations
  • In-depth knowledge on various chemical exfoliates
  • Learn dermaplaning and microdermabrasion techniques
  • Understand physics of lasers and light therapy
  • Learn the benefits and techniques of radio frequency and ultrasounds
  • Various books and manuals are included

*This is a post-graduate program for licensed professionals to advance your level of expertise and knowledge with extensive hands-on training.
*A light breakfast and lunch is included.
*Payment plans are available. Please email to speak with one of our course coordinators.

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Available Course Dates

April 20th – 24th, February 24th – 28th, January 13th-17th, July 22nd-July 26th, March 25th-March 29th, May 13th-May 17th